The Competitive Edge of C2 Gripz

Outperform your opponents, improve your K/D, and hit your targets with the ultimate performance of Gripz.

Upgrade Your Controller today
  • Experience Crazy Control with C2 controller grips for PS and Xbox

    Crazy Control

    FPS? Gripz give you deadly accuracy. RPGs? Gain complete character control. Real-Time Strategy Games? Use Gripz to stay a step ahead of your opponents.

  • Experience Lightning Response with C2 controller grips for PS and Xbox

    Lightning Response

    If you want to perform well, you need a quick reaction time. With Gripz installed, your thumbs are able to rest firmly on your analog sticks, without wasting time reaching or stretching.

  • Increased Endurance

    Frustrated with hand fatigue and muscle cramps during extended gameplay? The ergonomic design of C2 Gripz angles your hands so that you don’t have to stretch for any button, significantly improving your endurance and stamina.  

  • Ergonomics, comfort, and stability make for superior design with C2 Gripz

    Superior Design

    Size matters! Our engineering team prioritized ergonomics, comfort, and stability when designing PlayStation and Xbox Gripz. The curves are designed to fit your hands perfectly.

  • Discover the Science behind C2 Gripz with C2 controller grips for PS and Xbox

    Engineered for Durability

    C2 Gripz are made of lightweight plastic and durable, textured rubber that are built to last. We even conducted stress tests to ensure their durability, including running a Humvee over them!

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