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Console manufacturers have taken a “one size fits all” approach when creating console controllers. According to Screenrant, "...designers at Xbox said they designed the controller to fit the hands of an eight-year-old, which made the controller usable by a broader group of gamers. The designers did so by rounding and reducing the outer components of the controller." (Elise Nelson,, 12/3/20)

This means if you have larger hands, you’re likely over-gripping the controller. Smaller hands? You’re stuck holding the controller in an unnatural position. This leads to fatigue, weak gameplay, and injuries like Gamer's Thumb.

Console manufacturers take a “one size fits all” approach when creating console controllers, so C2 Gripz created the ultimate controller grip accessory.

Say Goodbye to Gamer's Thumb

The rising popularity of gaming as a hobby and a profession, coupled with the rising age of the average gamer, has led to an increase in injuries. Most notably, Gamer's Thumb, or De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, is caused by repetitive strain of your thumb tendons, with inflammation appearing after a gaming session of just three to four hours.

Gamer’s Thumb is caused by improper hand placement on or over-gripping of the controller. Other common injuries caused by gaming include carpal tunnel and Tigger Finger, or Stenosing Tenosynovitis. To make matters worse, console makers use cheap, stiff plastic for their controllers which causes hand pain after extended use.

C2 Gripz relieves strain on the hands, forearms, and wrists

Protect Your Digits

The founder of C2 Gripz aimed to address the challenges that gamers encounter from a different angle. A lifelong gamer himself, he would often spend his leisure time playing Xbox. After experiencing an injury to his pinky finger, which is responsible for ~50% of grip strength, he was determined to get back in the game and made finding a solution to pain-free gaming his top priority. What began with a piece of plasticine molded around the handles of an Xbox controller became the next revolutionary gaming controller accessory for PlayStation and Xbox!

Protect your hand health during those long gaming sessions with C2 Gripz

Engineered for Control

The Gripz didn’t just solve the creator's pain problem. They also improved his reaction time and gave him Crazy Control®! So he partnered with a team of engineers to design the ultimate controller grips, undertaking the task of thousands of hand measurements, hundreds of testers, and dozens of prototypes. Made of lightweight plastic and durable, textured rubber, Gripz are available in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra-large) for the perfect grip. We even follow the same measurement guidelines as glove manufacturers to ensure that our grips fit like, well, a glove!

C2 Gripz is engineered for comfort and crazy control